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Sunday the 25th of September 2016 with all ISRO team


The best day yesterday, after a nice walk near Montsinery and the "Bagne des Annamites" we arrived to the "crique Anguille". In the fresh and clear water some went for a swim.



Saturday the 10th of September, with ISRO


With the newcomers from India who never went to Saint-Laurent-du-Maroni. We spent an awesome day with a visit of ancient jails from last century and a river trip on the beautiful Maroni river.

On Sunday with the whole team we went for some nice jungle walk on Mount Rorota near Cayenne. Then back at the beach for a delicious lunch and bathing. All good to start a fresh new week of work. 


Lunch time with GSAT team (Welcome back!) at Fourgassier Falls


Last weekend, while many of the teams were working on Saturday, some got free time. We went to explore the "Piste de Lance" near Sinamary, a nice short walk that took us 5 hours! 

GSAT / ISRO team is back! On Sunday, we went for a real nice picnic at Fourgassier Falls near the small town of Roura. https://goo.gl/maps/YEJPbmxrfar


Tarpoon fishing on Sunday the 28th of August



This is the fishing season. Be ready for big game if you go near the Devil's islands. Ask us for the best spots!


CANOE Trip for PERUSAT team on the 20th of August


Who dares to go canoeing by night in a swamp ? Some did...AIRBUS guys from PERU SAT. Tons of beatles falling on us every minute because of the flashlight in the darkness, million of thirsty mosquitoes around, to enter the swamp chanel, it was not so fun. Then after a while once on the river, the milky way replaced the bugs and we finally had a wonderful time when we saw dusked ducks, caïmans, snake, fishes, bats, frogs....

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