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Thanksgiving 5° north over the equator


Yesterday the whole SSL team gathered by the FREE LANCE SERVICE CARBET to celebrate thanksgiving. All dishes were home made and to a french point of view, delicious! Congratulations to you all for brnging down here such a nice tradition were friendship and good food are shared.



What a wonderful Launch !


Thursday November the 17th ARIANE took off and delivered 4 more satellites for the GALILEO Constellation. A new success for ARIANESPACE and ESA the same day THOMAS PESQUEST the french astronaut was En Route to the ISS. AGreat for European and french space activity.


Congratulation to ESA, OHB and ARIANESPACE teams and of course to the FLS team involved in the campaign



11, 12 & 13th of November, all out for a long weekend


Over the long weekend, everybody went out to the forest. Teams from Thalès went to Camp Caïman, some went for kayaking. With our Turk teams we went for discovery from Cacao to the zoo passing by some ancient jails. We all had great food and drinks with the famous Ti-Punch.


Pétanque tournament at Oasis - Arianespace day for Galileo project


The best day for Arianespace day at Oasis. Here are the winners on the picture above.



Sunday 6th of November at Royal Island


We had a great day at Royal island after a lot of work from Gokturk and Thales Teams. All great people, for visiting, walking, and swimming.

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