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Brought back mountain on the 5th of november


A couple of weeks after, we are back on the Inselberg at the Virginia Rocks.
After a delicious dinner and a night at the Approuague Inn, we crossed roads with a tiny Dendrobate during the morning walk with Airbus team.
F.M & T.C


A day in Amazonia for the Moroccan representatives on the 5th of november


Thales, Airbus, Arianespace, and our special guests: the moroccan deleguation, all gathered at our "Carbet" (local term for a wooden hut) sunday the 5th of november.

Jungle Walk, Sports, a delicious Paella, and a river trip: All the ingredrients for a pleasant sunday despite a heavy, but short rain.


Thales and Airbus climbing the Virginia rocks on the 22nd of october


Hidden in the jungle hides a wonder of the tropical forest...

The "Savane roche Virginie" is basically a huge chunk of granite ermerging of the canopy.
Named Inselberg from the german for "Island-Mountain", it is one of the most beautiful biome to discover, or admire again in french Guyana.



Saline Mangrove and Rorota Lakes



No need to go far to see beautiful landscapes in French Guyana.



CNES visit on a nice day.


All the actors involved in the VA239 campain having a look at the new Ariane 6 launchpad.
Bsat4A and Intelsat-37 customers, SSLoral and Boeing manufacturers, and Arianespace all together to see where their future satellites will be send in orbit from.




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