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Lunch in Waiki Village for some of Bépi Colombo team


Peaceful Sunday Lunch by the river for tasting chiken fricassee & Marcudja passion fruit mousse..


Active Sunday morning in the local handcraft in Kourou, Bépi Colombo - Galiléo & Metop C Teams


Discovering of the traditional hand craft show, a great opportunity to know a little bit more the Saramaca art, Native indian painting and sculture and buy some gift..


June 16, Egg laying and hatching night of Leatherback Turtles for all the Teams


Successful Turtle watching for The Bépi Colombo & Metop Teams.
Luck was with us for seeing 2 leatherback turtles and hatching of the first nests early in the season just before to enjoy the Oasis restaurant and tasting of famous & local dishes like Acoupa fish & Shrimp in coconuts chili milk.


Busy day in Cayenne with some of TASI - Bépi Colombo


Here we go to enjoy the colorful Saturday market with all the fruits on the shelves.
Direction Remire Monjoly for a lunch at the oasis, then digestive walk on the Salines trail.

Return on cayenne for the visit of the town center, then tasting of ice cream at the Bistrot des Palmistes.


Sunday Exploration of caves on Kaw mountain - Bépi Colombo


After a brunch break at Hei Po, the famous "dim sum" restaurant in Cayenne, we went to discover the caves of Kaw.
Once the ride ended ritual break "Chez Malou" , ice specialist and juice with local flavors of the forest.
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