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Bye Bye 2016 hello 2017


Show must go on!...Our friend and colleague Pierre may watch launches from the sky now, no better place to see the majesty of Ariane 5, Soyuz and Vega. I Imagine him also close to satellite when they deploy their solar pannels...We received so many testimonies from all payload teams members, dozen and dozen... Thank you all. Pierre's gone but always be among us. 2016 was a very successful year for ARIANESPACE and their customers, congratulations to all of them. I'd like to thank also the FLS people who did such hard work everyday all year long to the benefit of ARIANESPACE, Customers and people of French Guiana. In their name I like to wish you the best for 2017 to you and your families. FM


What a perfect way to finish 2016 year for ARIANESPACE and their customers!


On the 20th of December, only 2 weeks after GÖKTÜRK VEGA launch, ARIANESPACE has signed a new successful launch to end 2016 year. It has been a very intense campaign with both satellites JCSAT and STAR ONE built by SS LORAL Mda. We can now make a short but welcome break after a very busy year and wish all our friends the best for 2017.



The 5th of December, VEGA delivered GÖKTÜRK Satellite


Congratulations to our friends of VEGA who perfectly delivered GÖKTÜRK satellite. Congrats too to ARIANESPACE, CNES, ESA & Industrial teams and of course TELESPAZIO & GÖKTÜRK ones. Wonderful campaign.


Göktürk team looking for the Orange bird...


There is a bird called Coq de Roches which lives deep in the forest where caverns are found. This bird uses walls of these caverns to set its nest. We went with GÖktürk team to find them and we found some. It was a great show of wild life in the jungle.FM


Thanksgiving 5° north over the equator


Yesterday the whole SSL team gathered by the FREE LANCE SERVICE CARBET to celebrate thanksgiving. All dishes were home made and to a french point of view, delicious! Congratulations to you all for brnging down here such a nice tradition were friendship and good food are shared.


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