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Sunday the 19th, India Day


Following the successful lauch of VA230, last weekend we spent a great amount of time for the preparation of the "India Day" with team ISRO. The lunch was amazingly good. Also the songs and the atmosphere at l'Oasis in Kourou. An awesome day.


Last weekend, nature...and shopping


The ISRO team was all over French Guyana last weekend, we went to St Laurent du Maroni on Friday for a boat tour near St-Jean and a visit of the infamous "Camp de la Transportation". The next day was all about shopping in Cayenne with a lunch break at the botanical garden. On Sunday we had a great day starting at Cacao Village with the beautiful market colors and tastes and a one hour jungle walk near Kaw.


An afternoon at Waiky village near Roura and visiting the Montsinéry zoo


Saturday the 4th of June we went to the lac Pali again because it is so amazing. Part of the boat trip was rainy but nice, the forest reveal it's best nature between rain and sunshine. Some saw the monkeys with yellow hands that we hear in the branches.

The next day we had the chance to share food and songs with the ISRO team after visiting the zoo. A great day to be remembered.


Observation of green & Luth turtles and a trip on the river


Taking our time walking by night on Awala-Yalimapo beach with a beautiful sky full of stars above, we had the chance to observe the nesting of these huge sea monsters that are green and leather back turtles also locally call Luth Turtles. The next day, we went with some of ARIANE 231 flight team for a  river trip. We saw there, many birds of the area, even the little "Saïmiri" monkeys.


Pizzas, Bowling and kayaking last weekend (21st & 22nd of May)


The Friday party at the bowling place was good. Everyone from the next Ariane lauch could meet and spend a good time. Saturday with the SSL team and Sunday with 8 persons group from ESA, AE, RUAG were all for kayak and good food.

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