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CANOE Trip for PERUSAT team on the 20th of August


Who dares to go canoeing by night in a swamp ? Some did...AIRBUS guys from PERU SAT. Tons of beatles falling on us every minute because of the flashlight in the darkness, million of thirsty mosquitoes around, to enter the swamp chanel, it was not so fun. Then after a while once on the river, the milky way replaced the bugs and we finally had a wonderful time when we saw dusked ducks, caïmans, snake, fishes, bats, frogs....


Last BBQ at FLS Carbet for INTELSAT 36 campaign on Sunday 21st of August


Before the thursday launch coming that will carry Intelsat 33 & 36 to the sky, SS LORAL decided to go for a last BBQ by the river at our place. We had INTELSAT customers with us Ken LEE & Todd SCHILBE. Some of SKYSAT SSL members were there too. Nice and cool day as usual before the rush of the final days.

Early in the morning, a small group went for a walk near Sinnamary the jaguar was not so far that time.


Big Game Fishing for BOEING & ECAPS teams on sunday 21st or August


Both European from SKYSAT and american from INTELSAT 33 gathered to go fishing by Devil's Island this sunday. Sometime to be stronger you have to do it. And it worked...Fishing was not so good according to the different boats captains we interviewed but our mixed team caught Red Acoupas, Needle Acoupas, Sting Ray, and a huge Tarpon that finally won the fight gainst our ingineers!



Visiting Cayenne and the Annamite prison


After several hard working weeks in a row, some of satellite crew members needed to rest and some others wanted to go for a jungle walk!

With the dry season arriving, the sun is always at the rendez-vous. Here are a few pictures we took with Boeing Team:

Cayenne from above (Cépérou Fort):


And the magnificence of the rain forest:


This weekend, buy a real native bow and arrows


This weekend (20-21th August), there is the intercultural native american tribes festival at village Bellevue near Iracoubo. There will be good fresh food and many activities and souvenirs. If you want to buy a real handmade bow this is the place to go.

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