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About us

More about Francois MONIER E.I- FLS

How it started

In 1984, ARIANESPACE experienced a growing demand from spacecraft teams coming to French Guiana for leisure activities and stay logistic. In a bid to satisfy its clients, ARIANESPACE mandated François MONIER to the task.

François MONIER founded FREE LANCE SERVICE (FLS) in 1985. The idea came when he realized there was a lack of assistance and services continuity after the payload teams working hours and during  weekends. He started up as a consultant, providing practical information concerning all kind of reservations, leisure activities in French Guiana. Soon, MONIER broadened his range of services from leisure to various other types of demands, involving many professionals working in sectors, such as tour operators, hotels, restaurants, artisans, doctors, banks, police, customs etc. Also, in order to adjust best to the needs and suggestions of ARIANESPACE clients, he appointed guides, hostesses, translators and secretaries.

In 2008, on request from ARIANESPACE CEO Jean Yves LEGALL, FLS extended its services to help the russian teams in charge of the SOYUZ Launch Pad site construction. This mission ended in december 2013.


FLS Offices

Free Lance Service is present on two sites.