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A real team work !


The AIR FRANCE Flight arrived 20 minutes ahead but the FLS team was already at the airport to welcome 20 people from MELCO & about the same from ISRO. Two buses were awaiting outside and instruction was given to drive every body to the Badge Office at the European Space Port. No time to lose!

This sunday afternoon, there was almost nobody but The ARIANESPACE V.202 Mission Director Thierry WILMAR, the CNES DDO Thierry VALLEE, the Badge Office persons in charge and FREE LANCE to organize the Badge dispatching to both MELCO & ISRO teams.

Then once every body was registred, the buses moved toward the ARIATEL Hotel to check in.

Of course, with such a big group, it took a while before all the ARIANESPACE customers could take a good rest after their long trip from INDIA & JAPAN, but since they have landed in CAYENNE, thanks to a real team work, their first steps in French Guiana were pretty smooth. Have a nice work and stay now in Kourou. FM

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