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The Bungalow

You'll be able to find one of us at the technical center during office hours, but the door is open 24 hours a day for you to borrow books etc...

FLS bungalow

Free Lance Service is mandated by Arianespace, and works very closely with the CNES, ESA, and many companies involved in space activities .

During and after work, customers can come and relax at a bungalow they are invited to. Here, they can plan an activity for their spare time, talk about the difficulties they might have encountered in their daily life in Guiana. FLS is a kind of embassy where the satellite teamworkers can feel at home.

If you want to have more information about our services, come and visit us. We are at your disposal to answer your inquiries and suggestions. We are looking forward to seeing you soon .


In Town at our Head Quarter or at the CSG:

The FLS team is pleased to offer you a welcome drink. We shall give you information about  the activities you can enjoy in French Guiana after work. You are kindly requested to fill out a questionnaire of the leisures you would like to do, so that we can contact all the persons involved  and bring you back the information about your request as soon as possible.

Our opening hours are 9.00 AM till 12 noon and 2.00 PM till 5.00 PM from monday to friday.
However you can reach us 24/7 using your GSM. Contact Us




For safety and comfort reasons we only work with hotels. If you have already chosen an accommodation before contacting us, you just need to fax us your arrival and departure dates; we will confirm your reservation by fax in return .

As a precaution, please, always select another hotel (as second choice), in case your first-choice hotel is not available.

If you do not know the hotels at all, you can consult a list of the Kourou hotels. You can e-mail us about the facilities you are interested in, so we can book a room that matches your request.

Once you are in your hotel, do not hesitate to contact us and give your remarks and suggestions about the room service. If you have any problems concerning the hotel, tell us immediately, and we shall fix the problem .